About CJC Auto Network

Englewood, CO

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm


We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Classics, Commercial vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment. Even if it has a blown motor we want to buy it! We have been doing business in Colorado for over 20 years, and because of the incredible client relationships we have built over years, we hope to be around to serve Colorado residents for years to come.

You can sell your “like new vehicle” or “hooptie” to us. We, admittedly, LOVE clean daily-driver type vehicles and always pay a fair market price. We strive to create long term relationships and realize that paying you fairly for your vehicle will increase the odds you will choose us for your future vehicle purchases. We will buy your car no matter the condition. Even in some cases with no title.

We are well known in the community as one of Colorado's largest junk car buyers. We buy junk cars but we also buy RV's, motorcycles, and heavy equipment.

Call us now 720-615-1995


We come to you FAST. We have knowledgeable, genuine, and kind vehicle purchasers on our team. They take their service to our Colorado community very seriously.

Call, Chat or Submit your vehicle online to start a discussion with a local and experienced Colorado purchaser. WE CAN PURCHASE YOUR CAR THROUGH THE STATE OF COLORADO!! Regardless of whether ITS ONE OF OUR MOBILE REPS OR OUR MOBILE TOW SERVICE, WE CAN BUY YOUR CAR!

Vehicle Emissions

Colorado State law says, “At the time of sale, the SELLER is required to provide the buyer with a passing emissions test that has not been used previously to register a vehicle or renew a vehicle registration.” We do not always require you to go through the hassle of getting your vehicle’s emission paperwork. We can sometimes even purchase your vehicle if the title has been lost.


CJC Auto Network has been purchasing vehicles in volume straightforwardly from the general population since 1980. We understand what individuals need. You need a protected organization to offer your vehicle to. You need it to be without bother. You would prefer not to hear from the DMV after the buy. You need clear and genuine correspondence CoinJoin.io. You need quick assistance that is proficient and experienced. You need CJC Auto Network.